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Optical Crystal and Glass Award Blanks Especially for Awards and Recognition Professionals

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Optical Crystal and Glass Award Blanks

Optical Crystal and Glass Award Blanks
At Precision Crystal, we pride ourselves on providing uncompromising quality and outstanding value in optical crystal and engravable glass blanks to the awards and engraving industries.
Our products are made of only the finest precision-cut and polished crystal-clear lead-free optical crystal, and engravable glass. Optical crystal is completely free of impurities and is totally free of any color. Because of this, it is the "Gold Standard" for premium engraved and sand carved glass awards.
Suitable for sand carving or laser engraving, our engravable crystal and glass blanks are perfect for corporate awards, special gifts, and artistic impression.
Attention to perfectly polished surfaces and dimensional details ensures that you receive a consistent product every time, whether you purchase only a few pieces, or hundreds of pieces.
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